Lovely Best Trick Of Knowing When To Harvest Garlic 68

Best Trick Of Knowing When To Harvest Garlic

Best Trick Of Knowing When To Harvest Garlic

Shiny Inspiration – Have you ever grownup your own garlic? It’s such a simple crop to grow. Garlic doesn’t take up a lot of area, it’s not terribly fussy, and there are countless totally different varieties offered for you to experiment with. It’s conjointly a good crop to involve kids with too, as a result of it’s simple and fun to plant.

Lovely Best Trick Of Knowing When To Harvest Garlic 68
Lovely Best Trick Of Knowing When To Harvest Garlic 68


You can plant garlic in time of year or spring. Apparently autumn-planted varieties tend to be a lot of successful and manufacture larger bulbs. I’ve continuously planted my garlic in autumn, in the main as a result of it’s one less crop to induce started within the madness of spring planting!

If you’d prefer to have a go, here’s an easy step-by-step guide the way to plant garlic.


Top Best Trick Of Knowing When To Harvest Garlic 18
Top Best Trick Of Knowing When To Harvest Garlic 18

First of all, prepare the bottom that you’ll be planting into. take away any weeds, dig over the soil, and rake the surface to even it out.

Use a trowel to make a shallow trench in a very line. It helps to use a planting line like I actually have within the image, however don’t worry an excessive amount of concerning obtaining it utterly straight.


Ideally you must purchase garlic bulbs from the garden centre or a seed provider, as they’re going to be certified virus-free and a lot of seemingly to grow well. Having aforementioned that, I actually have planted supermarket-bought garlic within the past and it’s big. The bulbs were on the tiny facet, however they were utterly usable. i might say that if you can’t build a special trip to the garden centre provides it a try!

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Break up your bulb of garlic into individual cloves, then plant every clove concerning an in. below the surface of the soil. ensure the sharp finish of every clove is facing up.

Depending on your garlic selection you may have to be compelled to leave 10-15cm area between cloves. It’s perpetually value checking the packaging for the range you’re growing, to create certain you get this bit right.

Once your garlic cloves are beat place, all you would like to try to to is fill the ditch back in so the cloves sit slightly below the surface of the soil.

Water the row well once planting, however don’t water once more over winter. continue prime of any weeds that emerge as these can inhibit the expansion of your crop.

WHEN to Harvest GARLIC

Given that garlic grows underground, you would possibly be speculative however you recognize once garlic is prepared to reap. Autumn-planted garlic are prepared for gathering around Gregorian calendar month next year. Spring-planted garlic are able to harvest slightly later.

Garlic is prepared to harvest once the foliage turns yellow. If you’re unsure whether or not it’s prepared, simply get your hands on one plant to ascertain what size the bulb is – if you’re careful, you’ll have a fast look and re-plant if necessary.

When you’re able to harvest your garlic, raise the bulbs gently with a fork. Lay them call at one layer to dry off, a well-ventilated greenhouse or shed is right for this. it’ll take around 2 to four weeks for the bulbs to dry out, clearly this can be much dependent on the weather.

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You might prefer to cross-check this video from Gardener’s World during which Monty Don talks you thru a way to harvest garlic.

Once all the foliage is showing no signs of wet, you’ll cut the stalks off and store – or eat! – your garlic bulbs.

And that’s it, a fast a way to grow garlic guide that may hopefully provide you with a beautiful crop of garlic for your cooking next summer.